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As you may have guessed from the name, EnigmaLike is an Enigma-like coding method. But it also incorporates elements from the Lorentz SZ40, code-booking and block cyphers. EnigmaLike is a gumbo of methods put together to encode messages in text file format.

EnigmaLike Set-up

The big difference is that EnigmaLike is not a cypher method, it is a code-booking method that works on a similar principle as the Enigma (as shown in the diagram above). Instead of using an alphabet, it uses a double dictionary that allows the spaces between the words to be seamlessly encoded with the text. It also uses a codebook which can best be described as a 'list of pre-defined gibberish'. As well as this, all of the reels change (instead of the clockwork motion of the original Enigma machine ) as each word is encoded, either by the standard '1-click' per word or by a 'motor reel' file which can move the reel in a more random sequence. There are also a couple of other simple features which make life difficult for any would-be code-cracker.

EnigmaLike is written using Perl Tk and should work with any Linux distro, it is free under the GNU General Public Licence (version 3). (Please note that this software will not work with Windows!)

Also note that you may need to download Perl Tk to get EnigmaLike to work.

Click on the icon below to download the EnigmaLike tarball

Download EnigmaLike

The download is 1.4MB (most of which is a detailed manual in .pdf format).

Email any questions to me at jim@mcjim.eu

New!  EnigmaLike is now available for Windows. Click here for details.

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